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A reflection on how design can work. In particular, on the search for the zero form, the simplification that leads to the archetypal form and how this often leads to multifunctional objects that combine with each other with operations that are typical to language. A zero form is a potential one, where indetermination - if left - creates a field of interaction, and every variation, with the same form, is an intervention on perception. Context of choice: Japan.
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Identity Design. Symbol family for orientation.

Publication on Ottagono 235, November 2010
Presented at the fair: Orgatec 2010 - modern office & object October 26-30, 2010 Cologne.
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Piccolo libro felice

A volte serve ricordarsi cosa ci rende felici.

E la felicità è una cosa lenta da costruirsi, quindi... pazientate.